We sell all types of equipment used in the die casting and foundry industries including:

Automation & Robots Cold Chamber Machines
Cold Chamber Semi-Solid Cold Chamber Squeeze Cast
Cold Chamber Rotor Cast Cold & Hot Chamber Mag
Hot Chamber Machines Hot Chamber Multi-Slide
Low Pressure Machines Permanent Mold Machines
High Pressure Machines Second Hand Machines
Miniature Machines Zinc Machines
Aluminum Machines X-Ray Machines
Furnaces - Melting & Holding Trim Presses
Die Cast Tooling (DME, etc.) Foundry Support Items
Tool Room & Machining Finishing Equipment
Hot Oil Units Inspection & Q.A.
Recent Additions Spectrometers

We are the largest buyer of used or second hand die cast machinery and equipment in the world, with over 60 years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the global market.

We regularly stock die casting equipment from European die casting machine manufacturers including: Buhler, Idra, Italpresse, Frech, Weingarten, Wotan, Colosio, TCS, NTP and Triulzi.

From Asia, we commonly stock: Toshiba, Ube, Toyo, BSK, KDK, LK and Zitai machines.

From the United States we stock: HPM, Prince, BuhlerPrince, Lester, B&T, THT, National, Birch, Kux-Wickes and Cleveland diecasting machines.

From the Canadian manufacturers we stock: Techmire, Dynacast and Fishercast die casting machines.

We also stock used or second hand die cast automation including: auto ladles, reciprocating die sprayers and extractors (dedicated and robotic). Brands include: Rimrock, Snair, Advance Products, Toshiba, ABB, Fanuc and Motoman robots.

We also stock all types of die cast support equipment including: DME master unit die holder; Sterlco, Mokon, Regoplas, QPC, Advance, Robamat and Advantage die temperature control units (hot oil units), X-ray machines, finishing equipment as well as tool room equipment.

We sell hydraulic trim presses including, both vertical and horizontal presses, including: Metal Mechanics, Hannifin, XLO B&T Rapid Press, KR Wilson, Robopresse, Corsteel, Superior, Blackstock and Kard.

Lastly, do not forget our ability to supply you with your furnace needs, we sell both gas and electric melting and holding furnaces, in crucible and reverberatory styles. The reverb furnaces are available in wet bath, dry hearth and shaft (stack) types. Brands include: Striko, Dynarad, Westofen, F.W. Schaefer, Lindberg,/MPH, Modern, Calmiser and Thermtronix to name a few.

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