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We Buy Used Stack Melting Furnaces | Aluminum Stack Melting Furnaces For Sale

We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of used aluminum stack melting furnaces used in aluminum die casting and foundry applications. Stack furnaces are high efficiency vertical charged furnaces that use the waste gases to preheat incoming charge materials in the stack which results in higher energy efficiency. Major brands include: Stotek, Striko MH Series, Modern Equipment Jet-Melter and Mirco-Melters, and Lindberg/MPH.


Major manufacturers of Melting and Holding Furnaces include: AllthermCal-Miser, Dynarad, Falcontrol, Fort Wayne, Furnteck, FW Schaefer, Gasmac, HiTEQ, Kozma, Lindberg, Lindberg MPH, Meltec, Metamag, Modern Equipment, MPH, Nabertherm, Rauch, Rayteq, SAF, Solleco, Stotek, Striko Westofen, Striko-Dynarad, Thermal Specialties, Thermaltek, Thermtronix, Unitherm, Warwick and Windsor.

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