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Die Cast Machinery, LLC Buys, Sells and is a dealer of used Beryllium Copper Plunger Tips. We specialize in Beryllium Copper Plunger Tips. These Beryllium Copper Plunger Tips are used for the Aluminum Die Casting Industry. They are made of special copper alloys. Plunger tips can be C17200 (Alloy 25), C17500 (Alloy 10), C17510 (Alloy 3) and CuCo1Ni1Be beryllium copper plunger tips. A few manufacturer brands just to name a few are SEMCO who manufacturers Be-20 and Be-10S™ alloys Plunger Tips, Hildreth who manufacturers HM-10 and Alloy HM-20 Beryllium Copper Alloy, Tricast/Presfore, ALB-Alloy. Sari Metal Treat, Advance Products and Castool.



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For new Berlluym Copper Plunger Tips, please cilck on any of the manufacturers webpages:  Hildreth, SmecoTricast/Presfore CorporationALBSari Metal Treat, Advance Products, and Castool

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