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DieKast Automation For Sale | We Buy All Brands of Foundry Automation

We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of used DieKast Foundry Automation. We are a Dealer specializing in second hand DieKast automation used in die casting and foundry operations. We sell Automatic Ladles (auto- ladlers), Reciprocating Die Sprayers (die lube spray reciprocators), Linear Die Sprayers, and dedicated Parts Extractors.


DieKast Inc. caters to the die casting industry by supplying repair parts, products and services.  DieKast can take major foundry automation such as Rimrock and Advance Products and upgrade the control packages to DieKast Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 with WeinTek LCD Color HMI. Die Casters can upgrade and operate their equipment with DieKast's original 300 series, Eco series or MX series controllers. This allows Die Casters to mix and match different manufacturer brands. All controllers use Allen Bradley PLC processors, Servo Drives, and Motors.

Major manufacturers of Automation include:  Acheson, Advance Products, Chin Yen AutomationRimrock, Rimrock/DieKast, Buhler Automation, Colosio Automation, Frech AutomationGerlieva Spuhtechnik, Idra Automation, Italpresse Automation, LK Automation, Lama Automation, Prex Engineering, SPESIMA GmbH, Shamrock Automation, Snair, TecnoPresse, Toshiba Automation, Ube Automation and Wollin.

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