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We Buy & Sell Mokon Hot Oil Units | Mokon Hot Oil Heaters For Sale

We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of Mokon Hot Oil Temperature Control Units including Mokon Hot Oil Heaters and hot oil units. and H6 Thermal Fluid Heater Systems. We are a dealer specializing in used Mokon thermal fluid temperature control units.


Mokon hot oil Temperature Control Units for sale

We buy & sell used Mokon temperature control units!

Mokon temperature control units or Mokon TCU are available as hot oil units or hot water units. Mokon Heat Transfer Oil System Temperature Control Units are designed for temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Common models of Mokon TCU include: HTF 350 Series, HTF 500 Series, HTF 600 Series; the H4, H4, H6 and H7 series of hot oil heaters. Hot water units include the Minitherm, Hydrotherm II, Duratherm single zone, Duratherm dual zone, Duratherm HTP, Duratherm MAX and the Duratherm NPS (negative pressure system). NPS series is a Positive and Negative Pressure system that is field adjustable with a temperature range up to 400 degree Fahrenheit in oil and 180 degree Fahrenheit in water. Negative pressure units "pull the hot oil through your process" and can be advantageous in the event of a cracked die or mould.

We purchase all models and sizes of Mokon Temperature Control Units or TCUs If you have an idle Mokon TCU Oil Heater or TCU Water Heater call us and turn that unit into cash. Die Cast Machinery, LLC specializes in used Mokon hot oil and Mokon hot water heaters both portable and stationary. We buy all brands of Temperature Control Units up to 600 kw. We commonly stock Mokon temperature control units in the following sizes: 6kw, 9kw, 12kw, 18kw, 24kw, 36kw and 48kw, 72 kw and 96 kw in single, dual zone and 3 zone configurations. Mokon hot oil temperature control units are commonly used in injection molded plastics, extruded plastics, extrusion, blow molding, plastic film, foundry and die casting applications for preheating and maintaining correct tooling or process temperature. They are also used in process industries including food and beverage processing, petrochemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.

When it is time to repair or Mokon Temperature Control Unit or if you need to upgrade, rebuild, retrofit, re-manufacturer, replace or add additional hot oil capacity to your facility why not consider a good used Mokon temperature control unit from Die Cast Machinery, LLC? When you consider the cost to repair or upgrade you existing hot oil unit often it is much cheaper to buy a good quality used temperature control unit from us. Most of our TCIs can be viewed under power on YouTube.

Used Mokon temperature control units have the benefit of quick delivery and an affordable price. Also, we are happy to take trade-ins in additions to cash purchases of your surplus machinery. If you are broke down and need a pump, valve, controller, heater exchanger, owner’s manual or other spare part we may be able to loan you the spare part, manual or schematic that you need from an existing Mokon unit we have in inventory to help get you out of a production problem. Call us for a price now!


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Mokon hot oil units are manufactured in Buffalo, NY, USA.

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