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Plant Liquidations - Mumford Metal Castings Northlake & Mauston

Die Cast Machinery, LLC with its auction partner Winternitz announces the liquidation of equipment surplus to the ongoing needs of Mumford Metal Castings. The equipment is located in Northlake, Illinois and Mauston, Wisconsin.  Major Die Cast Machines includes 26 high pressure aluminum and Zinc die casting machines from Idra, Princes, HPM and Ex-Cello-O B&T with tonnage ranging from 400  - 1600 ton. Die Cast Machines are available as complete cells including, Ladles, Sprayers, Robot Extractor, Furnaces and Trim Presses. Other major equipment incudes Metal Mechanic and B&T trim presses, Rimrock, Advance Products and Wollin automation, furnaces from Striko, MPH, Stotek and Altherm.

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