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We Buy Used Process Water Chillers

We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of used process water chillers. Types of process chillers include air-cooled, water-cooled, stationary, and portable. Brands include Mokon Iceman SC Series, Sterling Sterlco GP and SMC Series, Thermal Care Accuchiller EQ, NQ, and NQV Series, Budzar BWA series, Delta T Systems, Conair and many more.


Major manufacturers of Hot Oil process heaters include:  Advantage, AEC, Budzar Industries, Chromalox, Colortronic, Conair, Delta T Systems, Frigel, Heat Exchange and Transfer, Industrial Frigo,  Mokon, QPC, Regloplas, Robamat, Shini USA, Temperiertechnik, Sterlco, TempTek, Thermal Care, Tool-Temp, and Tricool.

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