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We buy & Sell Automatic ladles | We Specialize in Die Cast & Foundry Automation

We buy and sell automatic ladles (auto-ladles or ladlers) used in die casting and foundry applications including high speed linear and multi-link designs. Major brands include Rimrock, Advanced Products and Snair. Our most popular selling ladles for die casting would be the Rimrock 305 multilink and Rimrock 405 multilink ladles with Epic controls. Also very popular is the SL series of ladles from Advance Product (now part of Industrial Innovations). This series of ladles includes the SL- 650, SL-1200, SL-1500, SL-2000 and SL-3000 series of ladles.


Major manufacturers of Automation include:  Acheson, Advance Products, Chin Yen AutomationRimrock, Rimrock/DieKast, Buhler Automation, Colosio Automation, Frech AutomationGerlieva Spuhtechnik, Idra Automation, Italpresse Automation, LK Automation, Lama Automation, Prex Engineering, SPESIMA GmbH, Shamrock Automation, Snair, TecnoPresse, Toshiba Automation, Ube Automation and Wollin.

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