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We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of used Vertical Trim Presses. We are a dealer specializing in used vertical trimming presses. These presses are commonly used for vertical trimming of die castings, de-flasing and de-burring operations. Common sizes include 15 ton, 25 ton, 35 ton, 38 ton, 60 ton, 100 ton and larger.


Major manufacturers of Trim Presses include: Accurate, Birch Trim PressCorsteel Trim Press, D&D Trim Presses, Dake Corporation, Dension, Die Cast Press Trim PressDiessepresse Trim Press, DiLauro Trim Press, E.A. Doyle, Greenerd Trim Press, Greenlee B, Hannifin Press, Italpresse Trim Press, K.R. Wilson, Kard Trim Press, Kojima, Kurtz Trim Press, Kux-Wickes Trim Press, Leader Engineering, LK Machinery Trim Press, Metal Mechanics, Miller Morehead, MN Trim Presses, Modern Trim Press, Multipress, Neff Press, Quantum Trim Press, Reis Trim Press, Robopres, Savage Trim Press, Southern Engineering, Sunrise, TCS Trim Press, Tecnopres, Toshiba Trim Press, WEKO Trim Press, Wills Brothers and XLO B&T.

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