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Used ABB Model: IRB 4400/60 60 Kilogram Six Axis Foundry Rated Industrial Robot

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We offer for sale, subject to availability, prior sale and the terms listed below:

Manufacturer: ABB

Model: IRB 4400/60

Size: 60 Kilogram

Inventory Number: DCM-4326

Used ABB Model: IRB 4400/60 60 Kilogram Six Axis Foundry Rated Industrial Robot.

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Features & Accessories:

  • This Robot has No Control Panels!!!!
  • Compact Arm Design
  • Fast maneuverability
  • Heavy Payload Capability
  • Renowned ABB Parts and Service

Item Specifications for DCM-4326

Number of Axis:
Payload Capacity:
132 pounds
77.1 inches
Axis 1 Rotation Motion:
+165 to -165 - Speed 150°/s
Axis 2 Arm Motion:
+96 to -70 - Speed 120°/s
Axis 3 Arm Motion:
+65 to -60 Axis - Speed 120°/s
Axis 4 Wrist Motion:
+200 to -200 - Speed 225°/s
Axis 5 Bend Motion:
+120 to -120 - Speed 250°/s
Axis 6 Turn Motion:
+400 to -400 - Speed 330°/s
Approximate Machine Weight:
2,293 pounds

Shipping Terms: Ex-works

We offer same day shipping on many of our products with next day delivery available within the United States in many cases. We can supply both domestic and international export packing using ISPM-15 certified materials. We can arrange contractor services for dismantling, rigging, packing and transportation. Within North America we can ship single pieces weighing up to 182,000 pounds/82,727 kg. We have shipped hundreds of die casting machines internationally up to 4,000 tons.


Used, ABB Model IRB 4400/60 60 Kilogram Six Axis Foundry Rated Industrial Robot For_Sale, Features Include: Compact Arm Design, Fast maneuverability, Heavy Payload Capability, Renowned ABB Parts and Service, (No Control Panel) controls, second Hand, DCM-4326

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