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Picture of Idra Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine DCMP-3306

Picture of Used, Idra Model OL/700 I PRP 700 Metric Ton Horizontal Cold Chamber Aluminum/Magnesium Capable High Pressure Die Casting Machine For Sale, Features include: Idra PRP Fully Proportional Hydraulic System, Top Operator Side Fully Automatic Tie Bar Pulling System, Inserted Shot Position (allows for multiple shot positions), Automatic Lubrication System, Automatic Motorized Die Height Adjustment, Hydraulic Bumper Plate Ejection, Power Operator Side Safety Door, Available As a Complete Cell Including: Gas Fired Aluminum Holding Furnace, Advance Products SR 1150 Reciprocating Die Sprayer, Rimrock 405 Automatic Ladle, ABB 6400 Robot, Four Post Vertical Hydraulic Trim Press, Quench Tank System, QPC Hot Oil Unit, Second Hand, DCMP-3306

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