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Detailed Pictures of Frech Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine DCMP-4985 - 1

Picture of Used, Frech Model DAK 250-34 280 Metric Ton Horizontal Cold Chamber Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Machine For_Sale, Features Include: Frech DataDialog CNC Control System, Closed loop servo controlled Injection with up to 12 velocity and 10 pressure profile inputs, Three Auxiliary Hydraulic Side Core Circuits - Two Core Circuit on Moving Platen - One on Fixed Platen, Inserted Shot Position (allows for multiple shot positions), Hydraulic Bumper Plate Ejection System, Reis Fully Integrated Automatic Trimming System with Reis 7 axis robot to unload die cast machine, quench part, load trim press including REIS SEP-20 3 Column Trim Press with hydraulic knock-out and Reis Parts Unloader, MelTec AVDF500CM/2500 Electric Furnace with integrated Meltec Meltronic AVD Vacuum Dosing Unit; 100 kw furnace holds 500 kg (1,100 pounds) melts 200 kg (440 pounds) per hour, Second Hand, DCMP-4985