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Used die casting machines for sale, cold chamber Aluminum, Magnesium and Brass die casting machines; hot chamber Zinc, Zamak, Magnesium and Lead machines are offered for sale by Die Cast Machinery, LLC.

We purchase quality die casting machines and complete die casting factories world wide for cash. We buy and sell all items used in the die casting process including trim presses, melting and holding furnaces, die casting automation (automatic ladles, die sprayers, extractors and robots); x-ray machines, spectrographs and finishing equipment.

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Visit our View Machinery page for a full selection of equipment that we specialize in. We are the largest buyer of used or second hand die cast machinery and equipment in the world, with over 60 years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the global market. Let us be your die casting machine source!

We specialize in a one to one customer service experience and pride ourselves on assisting our customers throughout the purchasing process. This includes competitive quotes for rigging, loading, transportation and ocean freight. We have 60 years of experience in shipping and installing die cast machines worldwide. Supplying die casting machines to India is our largest and fastest growing export market. Let our years of experience help you!

Die Cast Machinery ShippingWe regularly have in stock die casting equipment from the following European die casting machine manufacturers: Buhler, Idra, Italpresse, Frech, Weingarten, Colosio, Cannon TCS and Agrati. From Asia, we commonly stock: Toshiba, Ube, Toyo, LK, Yizumi and Zitai machines. From the United States we stock: HPM, Prince, BuhlerPrince, Lester, THT, Birch and Kux Wickes diecasting machines. From the Canadian manufacturers we stock: Techmire, Dynacast and Fishercast.

We are also a stocking dealer of used or second hand die cast automation including: auto ladles, reciprocating die sprayers and extractors (dedicated and robotic). Brands that we commonly have in stock include: Rimrock, Snair, Advance Products, Wollin, Toshiba, ABB, Fanuc and Motoman robots.

We also stock all types of die cast support equipment including: DME master unit die holders; Sterlco, Mokon, Regoplas, QPC, Advance, Robamat and Advantage die temperature control units (hot oil units). We also buy and sell industrial X-ray machines, spectrometers, shot blast and vibratory finishing equipment as well as tool room equipment. We sell a full range of hydraulic trim presses including vertical and horizontal presses. Major brands include: Metal Mechanics, Hannifin, XLO B&T Rapid Press, KR Wilson, Robopresse, Corsteel and Kard.

Do not overlook our ability to supply you with your furnace needs, we stock both gas and electric melting and holding furnaces, in crucible, stack melting and reverberatory styles. The reverb furnaces are available in wet bath, dry hearth and shaft types. Brands include: Striko Westofen, Dynarad, F.W. Schaefer, Lindberg,/MPH, Modern, Calmiser and Thermtronix. For more information on available equipment, please visit our View Our Inventory page.

We sell used die casting machines and equipment!Buhler Evolution 1100 Cell

We sell used Cold Chamber and Hot Chamber Die Casting machines including horizontal and vertical die casting machines. In addition to traditional diecasting machines we also offer Semi-solid; Squeeze Cast, Rheocast, Thixocasting, Thixomolding, Metal Matrix and Rotor die casting machines.

Cold chamber high pressure die casting machines

Cold Chamber high pressure die casting machines are used for the Aluminum (Aluminium), Brass and Magnesium alloys as well as the more exotic die casting processes such as horizontal and vertical squeeze die casting, semi-solid, metal matrix and composite foundry molding (moulding) and casting processes.  Other cold chamber brands that are not as commonly recognized include Harvill, Polak, Vihorlat and Wedgelock.

Hot chamber high pressure die cast machines

Hot Chamber High pressure die casting machines are used primarily for casting Zinc, Zamak (zamac), Magnesium, Lead and Pewter. There are two major sub-categories of hot chamber machines, traditional horizontal machines and multi-slide die casting machines. Major manufactures of high pressure hot chamber machines include: Frech, Idra, Italpresse, Techmire, Prince Machinery, HPM, Hishinuma and LK Machinery. Less common hot chamber brands include: A&J, American Hydracast, DJ Machinery, DTI - Die Tech Industries, EMB Co. Ltd., Hishanuma and Horla. Many of these companies have been out of business for years.

Specialty Die Casting Machinery for Squeeze, Semi-Solid, Thixomolding and Rheocast

We are experienced in the sale of die casting machinery and equipment used in the more exotic processes. This is a rapid growth area especially in the automotive industry for components used in the steering and suspension systems.