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We Buy & Sell Quality Used Die Casting Machines and Equipment Worldwide!

We Buy & Sell Quality Used Die Cast Machinery Worldwide!

Gas Fired Melting
Reverb, Stack, Crucible
Dry Hearth, Tilting, Barrel
Scrap, Sweat, Imersion

Automatic Ladles
Die Sprayers
Die Lube Mixers & Tanks


Production Machining

Heat Treat Electric Furnaces For Sale

Heat Treat Furnaces
Heat Treating &
Aging Ovens

Rolling Stock
Forklifts, Manlifts
Floor Scrubbers
Die Carts

Plant Support
Shot Sleeve Hones
Building Crane
Air Compressors & Dryers
Waste Water, Generators

Why You Need To Do Business With Us

  • Ube HVSC 800 Automated Die Cast Machine CellBuying Die Cast Equipment Worldwide
  • Die Cast Machinery & Plant Appraisal Services
  • Complete Die Cast Factory Liquidations & Auctions
  • Sales of your On-Going Die Cast Business
  • Cash Purchases - one die cast machine or entire factory
  • 60 years of die casting industry experience

We are the largest buyer of used or second hand die cast machinery and equipment in the world, with over 60 years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the global market. Let us be your die casting machine source!