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Complete Operating Aluminum Die Casting Facility

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Due to change in business partnership, Die Cast Machinery, LLC has been exclusively authorized to offer for sale a complete aluminum die casting business geographically located in a high growth corridor.

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Offered Exclusively by Die Cast Machinery, LLC  - The world leader in die casting facilities

Key details:

  • Existing book of business for 600 – 1,600 ton castings with long term non-automotive contracts
  • Late model Prince die casting machines from 600 – 1600 tons
  • 20 ton bridge crane with 170 feet of runway with approximately 18 feet under-crane-hook
  • 2,000 Amp of 480 volt, 3 phase power
  • Industrial Natural Gas Service
  • 40,000 square foot primary manufacturing space.
  • An additional 30,000 square foot available for future expansion
  • 4,000 square foot of office and engineering space
  • Trained core group of employees
  • Potential state funding for employee training