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Low Pressure Model AL 13-13 TC One (1) Used Kurtz 1313 Inventory #: 2912 Condition: Used Sold Kurtz - AL 13-13 TC 1313  , PLC Controls used 1
Die Cast Machinery, LLC Inventory number: 2912
We offer for sale, subject to prior sale and the terms listed below:

One (1) Used Kurtz 1313

Model AL 13-13 TC

New In 1999

Status: Sold
Specifications: Metric / U.S. Standard
Clearance Between Tie Bars 1350 x 1350 mm / 53 x 53 inches
Maximum Daylight 1499 mm / 59 inches
Closing Force 12,247 kg / 27,000 pounds
Injection Pressure 1 bar / 14.5 psi
Hydraulic Motor 14.9 kW / 20 hp
Crucible Resistance Furnace Capacity (AL) 600 kg / 1,322 pounds
Plant Floor Area (L x W x H) 7000 x 5500 x 6000 mm / 276 x 216 x 216 inches
Approximate Weight 13,000 kg / 28,600 pounds
Features & Accessories:
Two (2) Mold (Mould) Closing Cylinders
Tiltable Clamp Unit For Fast Access To Furnace
Die and Hydraulic Cooling
Crucible Resistance Furnace
PLC Control
Terms of Sale:
Price: request quotation
Shipping Terms: F.O.B. Warehouse

Expedited International shipping available to the following Countries: India, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, Great Britain, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Singapore, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Europe, Asia, North America

Description: Used, Kurtz Model AL 13-13 TC 1313 For Sale, Features include: Two (2) Mold (Mould) Closing Cylinders, Tiltable Clamp Unit For Fast Access To Furnace, Die and Hydraulic Cooling, Crucible Resistance Furnace, PLC Control PLC Controls, Second Hand, DCM-2912

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PURCHASER'S (Buyer's) RESPONSIBILITY AND INDEMNITY: Used machines, equipment or any part thereof, may not incorporate approved activating mechanisms, operator safety devices or safety guards as required by OSHA or otherwise. It shall be a Purchaser's (Buyer's) responsibility to ensure that any and all merchandise or equipment purchased from Die Cast Machinery, LLC or its affiliates is installed and operated in a proper and safe manner. Purchaser (Buyer) also acknowledges that it may have to install or change guards, safeties, warnings or other components to ensure that the merchandise or machines purchased will conform to all laws, codes, regulations, ordinances, statutes, insurance requirements and industry standards. Purchaser agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Die Cast Machinery, LLC from and against all suits, claims, costs, damages and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of, or in connection with, the transportation, purchase, ownership, or use of the merchandise or equipment sold hereunder. Information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to inspect the items before purchase.