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Dry Hearth Type Aluminum Melting Furnaces For Sale | We buy all Brands of Dry Hearth Melting Furnaces

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a Dealer that Buys, Sells, Appraises and Supplies used dry hearth aluminum melting furnaces. Major manufacturers include: FW Schaefer, Striko Westoffen and Lindberg-MPH. Benefits of the dry hearth aluminum melting furnace include: Energy efficient in a small space-saving footprint; potential for reduced melt loss, increased melt rates on a per square foot basis. No silicon carbide crucible to break or replace, work well in sand casting, permanent mold and tilt-poor casting and ideal for high pressure die casting either as a central melt furnace or as a machine melting furnace. Due to the separate melting and holding chambers (two chamber design) metal temperatures at the dip-out well are stable. Dry Hearth Melting furnaces have a high melt to bath ratio, a 1,000 pound per hour (446 KG) melt rate could have a bath size of only 3,000 pounds (1,363 KG). This makes the dry hearth melting furnace ideal for special alloy applications in the aluminum casting process. Dry Hearth Furnaces can have a fuel consumption rate as low as 1,280 BTU per pound of aluminum melt (2,816 BTU per KG of aluminum melt). Dry Hearth Furnaces are ideal for melting "aluminum Sows" and complete "bundles" of ingot.