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Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a Dealer that Buys, Sells, Appraises and Supplies used dry hearth aluminum melting furnaces. Major manufacturers include: FW Schaefer, Striko Westoffen and Lindberg-MPH. Benefits of the dry hearth aluminum melting furnace include: Energy efficient in a small space-saving footprint; potential for reduced melt loss, increased melt rates on a per square foot basis. No silicon carbide crucible to break or replace, work well in sand casting, permanent mold and tilt-poor casting and ideal for high pressure die casting either as a central melt furnace or as a machine melting furnace.


Major manufacturers of Melting and Holding Furnaces include: AllthermCal-Miser, Dynarad, Falcontrol, Fort Wayne, Furnteck, FW Schaefer, Gasmac, HiTEQ, Kozma, Lindberg, Lindberg MPH, Meltec, Metamag, Modern Equipment, MPH, Nabertherm, Rauch, Rayteq, SAF, Solleco, Stotek, Striko Westofen, Striko-Dynarad, Thermal Specialties, Thermaltek, Thermtronix, Unitherm, Warwick and Windsor.

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