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Yxlon X-ray Machines for Sale | We Buy Used Yxlon X-Ray Machines

We Buy, Sell, Appraise and are a Supplier of used Yxlon Industrial X-ray Machines. We are a dealer specializing in second hand Yxlon Industrial X-ray inspection systems used in sand, low pressure, permanent mold, die casting, foundry and forging operations and other non-ferrous applications.

We Buy Used Yxlon X-ray Machines Worldwide – Call us today with your Surplus Items

We sell used Yxlon Real Time Industrial X-ray Machines for Casting and Foundry Applications

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a dealer that specializes in second hand Yxlon industrial x-ray inspection systems used in die casting, foundry and forging applications. Digital real time industrial x-ray machines have replaced the older film fluoroscope machines used in the past. With the addition of software, fully automatic CNC x-ray inspection of castings can be realized. Automated CNC x-ray inspection provides many benefits to non-ferrous casting manufacturers; some of these benefits include consistent inspection to insure customer requirements are met, increased inspection throughput, reduction of inspection labor to lower inspection costs, and statistical reporting to assist in process monitoring. X-ray inspection for Quality Assurance (QA) in all types of materials including Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Steel is possible.

Yxlon digital real time industrial X-ray machines are used in foundry, forging and die cast operations for non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection of aluminum and magnesium castings and forgings using imaging techniques for flaw detection. Common casting flaws include lack of casting integrity, cracks, cold lap, porosity, inclusions, lack of material and shrinkage.

Specialized x-ray machines have been designed for applications such as automotive pistons, engine blocks, cylinder heads, chassis components, wheels and braking systems. Portable or mobile real-time X-ray systems are a good solution for radiography inspection of aluminium castings, turbine blade inspection and aluminum wheel operations. These digital imaging techniques are non- destructive testing (NDT) in nature. There are several types of digital x-ray inspection techniques including: Industrial computed tomography (CT) x-ray systems, Industrial Radioscopy and Microfocus inspection systems.

When it is time to repair, upgrade, rebuild, recondition, replace or add x-ray capacity to your facility why not consider a good used Yxlon x-ray machine? When you consider the cost to upgrade your current machine often it is much cheaper to buy a good quality used Yxlon machine from us.

Used x-ray machines have the advantage of quick delivery and affordable costs. Also, we are happy to take trade-ins in additions to cash purchases of your surplus x-ray equipment. If you are missing owner's manual, electrical schematics or mechanical drawings for your current machine give us a call we may be able to help. If you are broke down we may be able to loan you the spare parts that you need from our existing inventory we have in stock to help get you out of a production problem. Also, we usually have rental machines available to get you out of a crisis situation. Call us now for assistance!

Die Cast Machinery, LLC has purchased and sold x-ray systems worldwide. We regularly do business in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, France, England, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Israel, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

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